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The Supreme Court is heading into its summer break with an oral argument lineup that is heavy on substance. Some cases that may be worth watching live on Gavel2Gavel are:

On Tuesday morning, the Court will consider Ledoux-Nottingham v. Downs (SC15-1037). This case involves a Colorado court order granting visitation rights to grandparents of children residing in Florida and raises rules of comity and full faith and credit considerations that states apply in determining whether to enforce court orders and judgments from other states. Briefs in this case are available here.

Later that day, the Court will hear Perry v. State (SC16-547), which is one of the many capital cases affected by the holding of the U.S. Supreme Court in Hurst v. Florida that the state’s death penalty statute is unconstitutional. The defendant in this case is challenging the state’s intent to impose the death penalty, arguing that because death penalty procedure in place at the time of his indictment was invalidated, the legislative amendments to the procedure passed subsequently cannot be applied retroactively to his case. Briefs in this case are available here.

Arguments in Norman v. State (SC15-650) will take place on Wednesday. This case centers on whether laws criminalizing the open carry of firearms without licensure are constitutional. Briefs are here.

On Thursday, the Court will hear Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart & Shipley v. State, (SC15-1747), which involves a challenge to an attorney fees cap imposed in a claims bill that followed a jury award in a medical malpractice action against a hospital special district. Briefs in the Searcy case are available here.

The same day, the Court will hear The Florida Bar v. Adams (SC14-1054) and The Florida Bar v. Filhaut (SC14-1056) related bar disciplinary cases stemming from the actions of attorneys facilitating the DUI arrest of opposing counsel in an ongoing case, a matter that has received national attention. Brief are available here and here.

The full schedule of cases and summaries is available here

Full Faith and Credit, Capital Punishment, Guns, and Fees – Oral Arguments in June

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